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Just Because I'm Losing, Doesn't Mean I'm Lost

5 November 1987
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Hi there! Here is a few things about me:
My name is Katie.
I live in Spokane, WA.
I'm 22.
I love animals. Especially cats!
I'm a vegetarian.
I watch porn.
I'm quirky and goofy.
I'm very blunt and I'm very open.
I love music. Especially classic rock and indie rock. Although I'll pretty much listen to anything.

Warning: I squee!

I like to talk about my fandoms in my journal. You don't like it? Don't friend me. :)

My journal is friends only, with the exception of my graphic posts and other randomness. I'm always open to friends(I love friends!) and will most likely add you back. I just ask that we have something in common, you actually post in your journal, and leave me a comment explaining why you wanted to friend me. Damn I'm so needy! You don't have to actually do any of those things, but it would be nice :)
Anywho have a groovy day!

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